March 26, 2023

Recruiting a Perfect SENCO for Your School

Nowadays, schools are finding it very challenging to recruit perfect SENCOs for sen teaching assistant jobs in London. A recent survey by the NAHT (National Association of Head Teachers) found that only 14% of SENCOs were being recruited with an easy process. In comparison, 56% of them were recruited with some difficulty, and in 30% of cases, the schools failed to recruit.

Slap-bang has waltzed into a national crisis, and no one seems to have become aware of this issue and doing something about the situation. As there’s an extensive reach for the SENCO role, what type of person are schools searching for, what do they need to apply stress on, and what can they get a person to do?

Support for SENCOs

It is crucial to remember the primary duties allocated to a fresher TA before you market this post and set about on interviews for sen teaching assistant jobs in London. In primary settings, SENCO’s role is likely to be common support to teachers. It is possible with hearing readers and some small groups.

In secondary schools or colleges, there is more likely to be a greatly defined curriculum support role, providing expert in-class support and helping to deliver several catch-up programs. However, in any setting, students with statements can be allocated a specific amount of support, which TAs will generally provide.

The Traditional SENCO

Previously, the traditional SENCO was seen as sensitive, often a bit eccentric, and happy to be based in any room below the stairs and quite a corridor away from the hustle of daily school happenings. So, students moved to this superior room, those who required extra attention.

Patience is a necessary part of this job with socially frustrating and awkward students (including their parents), the capability to adapt all the resources for a wide spectrum of all requirements, and healthy resignation bouts to the lengthy paperwork. Unfortunately, these external agencies were once and for all lacking and available.


Thanks to Ofsted, a noteworthy attitude shift – from keeping the SEN students in that room to make them a central weight of a successful lesson. “Sustained and rapid progress of all groups” is paraphrased to mean that these students over the edges of the types are supposed to make notable progress in a teacher’s classroom for it to be believed any good.

When SEN students don’t make enough progress, it can call into question the teacher’s capability, in addition to the overall school system and its capability to correctly identify the requirements. Thus, it is crucial to select the best sen assistant teachers through sen teaching assistant jobs in London,

What You Require from Your SENCO

The modern SENCO is supposed to be excellent at the below aspects – but even greater than that, excellent at doing these concurrently…

  • It can’t only achieve the comical paperwork done immediately. Still, it can manipulate the entire system to get what the students and the school require with tenacity, willingness, and calm to go the extra mile.
  • Can handle challenging parents, support the senior leaders, and usefully share the burden. They spend 90% of their time managing the best 10% of the students.
  • They provide bite-sized information to general teachers of their students regularly, can help to nurture the relationship among teachers and teacher assistants, and even act as a go-to person for constant teacher support.

Wrapping Up

The significance of this deputy-head-whole-school-leader-SENCO described in this article will differ from setting to setting. There cannot be any one-size-fits-all shape. Your SENCO is supposed to be a person who can capably facilitate and promote everyone to deliver SEN rather than give a shoulder to them.

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