March 23, 2023

Which is the Best Pregnancy Stretch Marks Cream in India?

Pregnancy Stretch

Get in touch with any woman who had a baby last year and ask what her major post-pregnancy issue was. The most probable answer would be the presence of stretch marks. However, you are mistaken if you think that the only affected area is the belly. These unattractive marks could also stretch to breasts, calves, and arms. The best way to deal with these post-pregnancy blues is to control them from the beginning by regularly applying pregnancy stretch marks cream during the pregnancy. 

Pregnancy comes with unwanted skin issues and stretch marks, not getting glowing skin, and luscious hair during pregnancy. Even though stretch marks are not limited to just pregnancy, they are quite common during pregnancy’s second and third trimesters. 

Stretch marks occur when the skin experiences rapid extension or contraction due to weight gain or weight loss. Though stretch marks could be developed on the belly or abdomen, breasts, buttocks, thighs, hips, arms, back, and shoulders, they can be treated with some of the best pregnancy stretch marks creams

Are stretch marks normal in pregnancy?

A wide majority of pregnant women get stretch marks during pregnancy. However, the probability of getting these marks also depends on your genetics and stress levels. In addition, your hormones and weight play a key role in getting stretch marks. 

With some simple precautions and a good skincare routine during pregnancy, you can go through your expectation period without worrying too much about these nasty and unappealing marks. A good cream for oily face could also help eliminate existing stretch marks from pregnancies and prevent new ones from forming. 

How to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy?

Motherhood is a magical time because it brings the joy of raising another life inside the womb of mothers up to nine months. Then, of course, comes a series of sleepless nights, weight gain, hyperpigmentation, hair fall, mood swings, and stress that require special care in nutrition, skincare, and overall well-being for the mother. 

There is no magical cure for stretch marks. However, you can minimize their appearance by applying Mamaearth Pregnancy Stretch Marks Cream on your body during and after pregnancy. Here are some smart tips that you can follow to prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. 

  • Try to maintain a healthy weight: Pregnant or not, one of the most helpful ways to avoid stretch marks is maintaining a healthy weight. Rapid weight gain can cause stretch marks as your skin pulls fast. This can lead to scarring, a linear scar to the connective tissue.

These changes cause elastin and collagen in your skin to rupture. In addition, according to other factors such as your height, age, and other conditions, a gradual weight gain during your pregnancy can ensure that it is easier to manage your weight after pregnancy. 

  • Follow a healthy and skin-nourishing pregnancy diet: A balanced diet rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and proteins will keep your skin healthy and nourished. Fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, eggs should be part of your diet to ensure that you get adequate nutrition.

The right amount of Vitamin C, D, E, Protein, and Zinc will ensure healthy skin as they help in increasing collagen production, improving skin elasticity, skin healing, skin regeneration, protecting the skin, and reducing inflammation. Also, do not forget to apply a pregnancy stretch marks cream for fading out the stretch marks.

  • Stay adequately hydrated: Drinking a good amount of water during the day is the perfect way to ensure your skin stays hydrated. Water helps keep our biological processes in shape and improves blood circulation. 
  • Adopt a light workout lifestyle: When pregnant, it is advisable to incorporate light exercises that help to build better stamina and maintain a healthy weight. We would, however, recommend you consult your doctor before opting for any workout schedule. Do not try any strenuous exercise.
  • Pamper your skin naturally: To make your skin look clean and glowing, you can apply some of the best natural products that help in reducing stretch marks. For example, you can use shea butter, cocoa butter, almond oil, and you could apply a toxin-free pregnancy stretch marks cream that helps fade stretch marks.

How to prevent stretch marks? 

As prevention is better than cure, we advise you to follow these tips to get rid of stretch marks faster:

  1. Pregnancy Stretch Marks Creams can be used after the doctor’s approval from day one of pregnancy. Their application could help reduce these marks. 
  2. It is best to use the cream during the day and night after a warm shower. 
  3. Apply body lotions that consist of soothing ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter, honey, aloe vera, various oils including almond, castor, olive, vitamin E, and other essential oils that can effectively control stretch marks.
  4. After pregnancy, you should start applying a pregnancy stretch mark cream that helps reduce the appearance of marks. 
  5. Do not forget to apply the best cream for the oily face as they help fight signs of aging oxidative damage and provide a youthful glow to the face.
  6. A soothing massage with the essential oils can help manage the stretch marks on the belly and breasts. 

Will stretch marks get worse with each pregnancy?

Pregnancy might cause stretch marks, but many factors might contribute to the formation of stretch marks, such as elasticity, hormones, skin types, and much more. You should thus aim to gain weight linearly, slowly, and steadily. This is good for your health and will also help you reduce stretch marks. 

In addition to home remedies and other care, you can also use a pregnancy stretch marks cream by Mamaearth to prevent the lines from appearing. It is a paraben-free, irritant-free skin care product that contains shea butter, peptides, and milk proteins that help maintain your skin’s elasticity, soothe itchiness, and reduce the appearance of scars and marks. 

Wrapping it up

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey. Stretch marks are like souvenirs that signify the process, but they may not always be removed completely. But they may be reduced and lightened to a great extent, and you may still get your glowing appearance back.

But with the help of some toxin-free skincare products such as Pregnancy Stretch Marks Cream and Cream for Oily Face by Mamaearth can help you get rid of stretch marks and yield clean and clear skin. Mamaearth is a plastic positive brand as the brand believes in sustainability. The brand is also responsible for planting one tree for every goodness order they deliver in and around India.

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