December 10, 2022

What is the Difference Between a Sofa and a Couch?


A good piece of furniture can change the overall feel of any room. For that purpose, a sofa or a couch, being the centerpiece of the living room can set the tone or the aesthetics of the whole apartment. That’s why, before choosing such a piece of furniture, people generally put a lot of thought behind it. 

Here are a few distinctive features between the two – 

  • Firstly, they need to consider the budget. Then they need to think about the size, utility, durability, and of course the style. It is here that one must understand that even though most of us use the terms sofa and couch as alternatives, they do not mean the same.

  • The word sofa has derived from the Arabic word “suffah”, which means bench. Its source can be traced back to Persian history. On the other hand, the word couch has derived from an old French word “couche”, which meant “to lie down”. Nowadays, even though both are being used generally for sitting purposes, originally, they are not meant for that.

  • Sofa is supposed to be a more formal piece of furniture. A couch represents more informality and has a leisurely approach. To cater to that need, a sofa is thus made from wooden pieces. Its style and texture should be more formal and purpose-oriented. Generally, it is bigger in size.  On the contrary, to serve the purpose of comfort, a couch is manufactured using soft and smooth foams. Its style and size should be such that it captures that basic essence of charming laziness.

  • Therefore, any place which requires a certain level of formality, like an office or any household which prefers to treat the guests in certain formal ways, will most likely have sofas. Such a sitting arrangement can accommodate at least 3 people. It is most likely to have hand rests. This big piece of furniture occupies a lot of floor space. Thus, before purchasing or getting a rent sofa, one must consider all these aspects. 

  • Couch on the other hand essentially features a certain degree of informality and coziness. So, a place like a beauty parlour or a coffee shop that wants to convey the message of friendliness and comfort will prefer to have this type of sitting arrangement.

  • Depending upon the fabric, other materials like wood or leather, and the size, the average price of a sofa varies widely. The utility and style quotient directly influence the price. The average price of a fairly good quality wooden sofa in India is ₹15000. Almost the same factors influence the price of a couch as well.  Nonetheless, as it is considered a style statement, it is put in the bracket of a luxury item. This pushes its price to be on the higher side. 


Be it a sofa or a couch, such a sitting arrangement is quite an investment. So, the decision needs to be taken considering the long-term perspective. If one is not sure, they can opt to rent a sofa or a couch from any websites which are presently renting out furniture in cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, etc. After checking the chair on rent section, they can take a call and hire it. If they are happy with the outcome, they can finally decide which one suits their tastes and serves their purposes better.   This will help them to take the decision in a better way and save them from the future agony of living with a wrong choice. 

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