March 23, 2023

Top 12 Real Estate Marketing Ideas To Get More Qualified Buyers

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Real estate is a field that can be extremely beneficial for the nation as a whole and offers numerous challenges. One of the greatest challenges real estate agents currently face is technophobia; however, technological development has allowed agents to perform their jobs much more efficiently in recent years. Since 2020 and with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen major shifts in how real estate is perceived and carried out through updated and comprehensive procedures to make certain no deficiencies arise in the future, which could set any precedent in this carefree industry.

To get more leads, you need to put effort into your Real Estate online marketing campaigns. But, you should know that there are ways to get more leads and make the most out of your marketing efforts. Read on to learn how.

Learn the Best Online Marketings Ways to Generate Leads for Your Real Estate Business 

Set Up a Website

Thanks to the technological revolution we are experiencing, like never before, is it possible to advertise your products and services in previously unimaginable ways! Many clients search to find information online concerning services and products before they purchase.

The easiest way to capture their attention is by creating a website listing everything you have to offer, from detailed galleries of your houses, rooms, amenities at your properties, and more. Update your listings regularly, so visitors see the newest listings first as newer properties are generally in greater demand. Also, try adding something unexpected to your website that will stand out and make it hard for potential customers not to pick up the phone or contact you.

Write a Blog

As an investor, you understand that a blog can do wonders for your online presence. The content of your post should contain information that’s optimized for search engines and is written in a manner geared toward persuading someone to look into your business.

Google Analytics will allow you to grab search terms and keywords related to your services, which will encourage you to be more liberal with finding new topic ideas. Placing links to other directories on your website can also increase traffic to your site and your Facebook page or any other profiles you may have elsewhere on social media websites like LinkedIn.

Email Marketing

Send a monthly newsletter that summarizes your blog’s latest post and showcases available properties on the market. Include photographs of the properties, which display a link to the listing, and photo albums of staged homes or walk-through videos. 

Lead Generation

Sometimes, it’s a better choice to create lead generation content that is informative and a resource. For example, you could do something like offer an ebook that leads the reader through setting up the home buying process in steps. After generating the interest of those who may want this type of info, you could list their email addresses on your contact lists and send them emails about things such as future open houses.

Video Marketing

Using an exciting 3D photography feature or stunning video both inside and out of your home or office building is great to spice up your property listings. Consider using drone photos of cool angles, structures, and lots of windows. Making real estate videos by using HD cameras and equipment can bring some much-needed definition, especially in places where lighting might be more challenging. 

Adding information in a video helps potential clients get clarity. You can use a good-quality real estate video maker to help clients get a clearer idea of what it’s like inside your property or even what the neighborhood looks like, surrounded by space. If you don’t have experience capturing photos or creating video clips that include multimedia content, then hiring a professional specializing in commercial real estate photography would be a safe choice so as not to miss any important details!

Ask for Referrals

Sellers who use a real estate agent found that agent through a referral from friends or family. That’s highly likely to be you, too! If you are, in fact, not asking for referrals, then you should start now. After a buyer has purchased their home, follow up about a few months later by email thanking them for choosing you and asking how they’re settling into their new abode.

Mobile Optimization

Optimizing your website and real estate listings for mobile is extremely important. Though this might seem like an afterthought, it is a pretty simple process with huge dividends. Because real estate websites bring in so many visitors every day, ensuring that your site is easy to navigate and optimized for mobile will set you apart from your competition.

Assemble and Present Recommendations

Your satisfied clients are like gold. They will build your credibility and help you achieve success in your business. When you sell someone a home, don’t hesitate to ask for an endorsement for references at the end of the transaction. This way, your prospective customers can be reassured about your abilities since they will know if similar buyers were happy with your service. 

The best thing to do with testimonials is to get them on paper and display them on your real estate website in a video or via Real estate email marketing. Visitors can see that satisfied clients agree that you’re the right choice for building their new home!

Create a Presence on Social Media

It can be hard to stay on the ball on social media, but you need to make sure your (business) presence is strong. Allowing customers and potential prospects to connect with you directly empowers them and builds trust in your brand. By answering their questions, you’re showing that you possess knowledge about real estate management and credibility by actively reaching out to your audience (potential or existing clients).

Run Paid Promotion

You can reach out to home buyers and make your brand grow even more through social media paid promotion. And with this, your most beautiful images can reach even more people with a paid promotion. The most effective way of reaching the maximum number of people in a very specific period is to make sure you have the best hashtags that specify the kind of person you’d like to target in mind because that’s what gets results!


Whether you are a seasoned real estate agent or just getting started in the industry, using the right real estate marketing strategies is necessary. We have covered a few of the top real estate online marketing ideas that you can use to get more qualified buyers to your listings and real estate business. Each idea has been proven to work and can be implemented quickly.

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