March 23, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Latest Trends in Outdoor blinds

Outdoor blinds provide us with shade, security, safety. In today’s time, outdoor blinds are useful, chic and innovative. Plus, not having to worry  about the weather or the curious neighbors, one can feel at ease while sitting on the patio, veranda or terrace. With automation and modern lock technology, blinds add much style to your outdoor space. Café blinds are no more restricted to cafes. In fact, they are being used in residential areas to give patios a French bistro feel.

The addition of modern blinds also increases the house’s kerb appeal, making it look modern and adding value to the property. If you are renovating your patio, alfresco, terrace or veranda, then it is time to look around the modern trends sweeping the entire Outdoor blind industry in Australia. Let’s look at the current trends of Outdoor blinds being followed by architects and interior designers worldwide.

Versatile retractable Outdoor blinds

The new trend of bringing indoors outside is on fire. This means there are limitless ways to style any space. These retractable outdoor blinds can help create partitions and convert your alfresco space into an outdoor room that you can style in various ways and flaunt in front of guests. They are also known as Ziptrak blinds that can keep even insects at bay.

Outdoor Roller Blinds

The outdoor roller blinds roll upwards around a circular tube once retracted. It is available in various opacity levels and has gained popularity among homeowners. One can install these roller blinds on a patio, veranda or alfresco and enjoy the summer breeze on one’s terms. A motorized version of outdoor roller blinds is also available in the market that rolls up and down with the help of remote control.

Crank Blinds

The crank-operated blinds remove the need for cords or chains. A simple crank helps in operating these blinds. They are built from waterproof material and are mostly installed from roof to fence. One can also install them as straight drop-down blinds. They are more cost-effective than motorised outdoor blinds.

Bistro Blinds 

Bistro blinds or café blinds are outdoor rolling blinds that provide crisp, clear outside views without compromising the quality. Outdoor Bistro blinds are made up of a mesh. It is a great choice for people who don’t want to compromise their clear view yet still protect themselves against the sharp weather changes and insects. These blinds also prevent the air from entering the room.

Shade Outdoor Roller Blinds

Shade Outdoor blinds are feasible for people who have a problem with sunlight. They don’t block the view completely but cut off 95 per cent of the harmful UV Rays. Light sensors can be added to adjust the blinds automatically. They are in trend and an ideal solution for a patio, pergola or gazebo.

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