March 26, 2023

The Endless Benefits of Outdoor Activities for Beating Addiction

When it comes to addiction recovery, the process is never an easy one. It can take numerous attempts and processes to end up overcoming an addiction. 

There are many tools out there to use, including treatment facilities, but also utilizing other things to help embellish your efforts can mean the difference between failure and success. 

One such tool to help holistically overcome addiction is taking advantage of outdoor activities. Let’s dive into the numerous ways that outdoor recreation can help to beat addiction.

It’s important to keep in mind that for many, recovery is not a journey they can navigate alone – and that is okay. While being outdoors can certainly help, you’ll want to speak with your treatment team to ensure you’re doing the best thing for your case. More information on this can be found at Hollywood Hills Recovery.

1. Reducing Stress

One of the toughest parts of overcoming an addiction is the constant stress that accompanies it. When you’re facing expectations from yourself and the people around you, the mourning stress can become paralyzing. For many people, addictions are triggered by stress, which can cause a difficult cycle to break.

Effectively reducing your stress load may be the answer you need to get ahead of your coping mechanisms. One great way is by spending time outdoors. 

2. Getting Good-For-You Feels

The outdoors provides many benefits, beyond moving your body. Even if you simply sit and breathe for a few minutes a day, you’re absorbing all the goodness without even trying! 

Vitamin D comes from the sun and you don’t need a ton of it as it packs a powerful punch. Vitamin D is great bone support and can help build your immune system to avoid infections. Another benefit of getting outdoors? The fresh air. 

Fresh air can help to improve blood circulation, blood pressure, and heart rates as well as bolster the immune system. All of these tools are important for helping you feel your best in order to take on the recovery process. 

3. Avoiding Triggers

We face many triggers in our everyday lives, some of which are unavoidable. Between work, school, children, partners, family, friends, and any other obligations, life becomes overwhelming. Getting outdoors provides a potentially safe space and the freedom to relax if only for a set amount of time. 

One unique benefit of getting away and spending time outdoors is that you can remove some triggers. If being on a certain street in town or around a group of people on your commute home is often the place that you feel most like relapsing, changing up your scenery can be the answer. Pairing the escape with the numerous other benefits of being outdoors, you can’t go wrong. 

4. Self-Care 

Self-care is one of the most important things in any person’s life. Taking time to reflect and recharge is essential for overall well-being. For some, that may mean a relaxing yoga session in the park or a walk through the woods. 

Taking time to dedicate to yourself and becoming more in tune with your body can make all the difference. While the importance of self-care has become more realized in recent years, it is still only an average of 7 out of 10 Americans that take some time to themselves. 

We know how important that time is to resetting, so it’s important that you take that time for yourself. Maybe getting outside is the way for you!!

5. Socializing 

Depending on the outdoor activity you choose, you may find that there is an inherent socializing aspect to it. For example, taking guided group hikes on the weekend or joining a rowing club, or even passing friendly joggers on trails, can all increase socialization. 

By remaining social, you can help to avoid the isolation that often creeps in when facing addiction. Also, making friends or casually speaking with someone may be the perfect opportunity for you to vent about things on your mind, sharing as little or as much as you want. 


There are many benefits to taking part in outdoor activities both in day-to-day life and in overcoming addiction. When you’re navigating your recovery, it’s important to consider all tools available and perhaps none is as available and affordable as getting outdoors and resetting yourself.


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