December 10, 2022

Takeout Food Packaging: Why Restaurateurs Need to be Smarter

You order your favorite meal. After waiting for thirty minutes, the food arrived ‘cold.’ You may eat the food, but may not rush to order from the same restaurant again. Right?

Well, one great way restaurateurs can solve this issue is by starting proper food packaging. Good quality takeaway food packaging helps keep the food fresh and warm. Besides, it also offers safety. In the wake of the pandemic, restaurants closed their dining options and shifted to takeout or delivery to keep customers, as well as staff safe. Clearly, the packaging is a crucial consideration while placing an order. 

There are several reasons why restaurant owners need to make smart packaging choices for getting and retaining customers.

Showcase your business values

Be it your commitment to sustainability, or your will to spread awareness on a social issue, your food packaging can convey it. For example, a biodegradable fish and chips box can show your customers that you care for the environment. Cutting back on plastic in your restaurant, as well as delivery boxes let them know that you are contributing towards saving the planet.

Helps establish your brand identity

Is it worth investing in branded food packaging for your restaurant? Well, good packaging is another marketing tool you can take advantage of. Be it a sustainable cardboard takeaway box for pizza or burger, greaseproof paper, or a branded saucepot, investing in unique food packaging means you promote your business. It is an exceptionally wonderful way to reinforce your brand identity.

Make smart use of colors, copy, and design to connect with your customers. If your restaurant is known for sustainable practices, create packaging that reflects it. Likewise, if your place is known for humor, your packaging should depict this.

Good packaging makes food more appealing

How a dish looks when it arrives influences how we enjoy eating it. The right food packaging not only keeps food intact but also ensures that the food looks as enticing as it would in a restaurant. The customers won’t be able to resist their urge to try out the dish, even if they are not hungry.

The right food packaging keeps cross-contamination away

Cross-contamination or transfer of bacteria or other microbes can take place at any stage of food production, from packaging to delivery and takeout. Adequate food packaging techniques, like tamper-proof containers, keeps food safe. It is one of the most important aspects of takeaway food packaging to keep in mind. 

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So, what can restaurant owners do?

Well, choosing the right food takeaway packaging also means focusing on food safety and hygiene. Also, with the threat of the pandemic still there, food safety has become even more than important. Thus, in addition to the points mentioned above, keep the following things in mind too-

  • Keep a check on the existing food safety practices for preventing cross-contamination, food wastage, or temperature control.
  • Clean, disinfect, or sanitize insulated bags used for food delivery.
  • Use tamper-proof boxes for food delivery.
  • Use sustainable food packaging practices.

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