December 10, 2022

Difference of UX and UI in Software Development


Learning the terminologies in software development is a challenging task for beginners. It needs patience in familiarizing the terms and their functionalities. The most typical acronym you will encounter in software development is UX and UI, and users often interchange these terms. So, if you are a new developer, you have to know its difference. 

What is UX design? 

Users have to interact with your website. It is important that your website or application can assist the needs of your potential customers. Your user experience (UX) design has to incorporate every element to make a successful transaction.

That’s why user experience (UX) designers do research and consider the goals and objectives of the business. It is important for the business to showcase its products and services efficiently through its website or application.

Moreover, UX designers have to protect the digital assets and information of the website. Its structure has to be mapped out to have an organized website that when a user visits your website, they can easily navigate from one page to another.

If you are an aspiring UX designer, you should understand the website goals and audience interests. 

What is UI design?

UI (User Interface) design takes care of the appearance and vibe of the website or mobile application. UI designers are more concerned with the theme and aesthetics of the software or website. It has to be pleasing and intuitive to the user’s point of view.

UX and UI Design is Inseparable

It is now obvious how user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) has to go together. Both designs meet in user interaction. Even if both designs focus on different structures and functions, their result is a reliable and interactive website.


Without an excellent user interface (UI), your website becomes boring. It least likely makes users stay. Dull websites make users doubt whether it is an official website because it looks unprofessional to look at. Meanwhile, websites without an optimized user experience (UX) make your website difficult to navigate. A website that’s difficult to navigate makes users leave. 

That’s why UX and UI design is inseparable. It has to complement each other to exceed user expectations. This is possible if the designers understand their target audience and know how visual language works.

Some designers take inspiration from the websites and applications designs in the past. However,  it is best to innovate and give the users a new perception. Give your website or mobile application a competitive edge in the market. After all, that’s what software development means.

Final Takeaway

We can associate the functionalities of UX and UI with house construction. UX design provides the structure and function of the house; meanwhile, UI design is the hardware around the house to make everything accessible

As someone who is into software and website development, it is essential to familiarize yourself with this concept as these are the crucial elements in driving revenue growth. UX and UI design enhance customer experience.

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