December 6, 2022

Mistakes to avoid while buying NBA jerseys cheap price

The authentic NBA jerseys are expensive. As people are looking for affordable NBA jerseys, the fake jerseys are increasing in the market day by day. While you search for affordable NBA jerseys, you should be cautious and avoid buying a fake one. Here are some mistakes to avoid while buying NBA jerseys cheap price.

Not checking the stitches

Always check the stitching of the jerseys. In authentic NBA jerseys, the team logos and tags are stitched onto the jersey. They are not heat-pressed.

Not checking the print

Make sure the team logos, names and numbers are screen printed. Screen printing is a process by which the ink or metal is forced though a material.

Not looking for cotton backings

The bootleggers (illegal sellers) use paper like backing to apply the logos and other patches on the jersey. They are visible on the inside. Therefore, while buying your jersey, look on the inside. If you can see the imprint of the logo on the back, then the jersey is fake.

Ignoring the logos

Do not forget to check on the logos while buying NBA jerseys cheap price. In authentic jerseys, the team logo and the NBA logo are of same height.

In fake NBA jerseys the logos are incorrect. Some fake jerseys even have embroidered logo.

Stock photos

Do not make the mistake of using stock photos from non-reputable sites. See the stock photos from official team websites like,, etc.

Make in country

Often people do not pay attention to where the jerseys are made. The make in country is printed on all authentic jerseys. The authentic jerseys are made in Guatemala and Honduras. Lately they are being made in Korea and Thailand as well. So if you see other country names printed, they are fake. For instance, if it says Made in Vietnam, it is fake.

Jock Tag

Check on the position and location of the jock tag before buying NBA jerseys cheap price. These tags should be at the bottom left of the jersey when you wear it. If not, then they are fake jerseys. Also, the jock tag is thicker in fake jerseys.

Avoiding perforations

The other most common mistake people make while buying NBA jerseys cheap price is not checking the fabric hole pattern. The perforation in authentic jerseys is minute and closely placed.

Retail tags

Do not forget to check on the retail tags. In authentic jerseys, the top part of the tag is black in color and the bottom is silver in color.


Buyers seldom fail to check on the sizing. The authentic NBA jerseys come in five sizes. They are XXX-Large (60), XX-Large (56), X-Large (52), Large (48) and Medium (44). If the seller is giving you sizes other than these, then his product is fake.


Not checking the material make of the jersey is the biggest mistake people make while buying NBA jerseys cheap price. The authentic jerseys are made from premium materials and are heavy. How to check the material of the jersey? Run your fingers across the jersey. If it feels smooth and made of polyester mesh, it is authentic. Fake jerseys feel scratchy and rough.



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