March 26, 2023

McCullah’s Long-Term Plan To Help Africa’s Orphans

African Orphans

For African orphans, hope is not lost. Stephen McCullah’s vision of providing top-notch care, world-class education, focused character development, and sustainability to children in war-torn and disadvantaged areas offers a glimmer of optimism for those who have been displaced from their homes.

By creating an ecosystem that provides individualized attention and affection, as well as educational programs drawn from the best institutions in the US, McCullah seeks to give these children the opportunity to create meaningful change in their communities for generations to come. Learn more about this innovative model and discover how you can get involved!

Why Hope Is Not Lost for African Orphans

McCullah’s mission to help African children is one that has been long overdue. He hopes to provide a safe, secure, and nurturing environment for children who have been affected by war and poverty in their home countries.

By creating Cherie’s House, McCullah is aiming to impact the lives of tens of thousands of children in Southern Africa. The complex will provide the children with care, nutrition, education, and medical treatment.

The goal is to create world-class citizens by removing them from war-torn areas and providing them with a long-term stable environment for growth. The hope is that this will help to positively impact Africa’s economy for generations to come. McCullah’s initiative seeks to provide an environment where children can develop their character and reach their potential.

Ultimately, McCullah is hoping to establish a sustainable initiative that can expand to meet the need of African orphans. His mission is one of hope and promise for the future of these children who have been affected by war and poverty.

Stephen McCullah’s Vision

This section provides an overview of Stephen McCullah’s vision for the World’s largest self-funded orphanage and feeding center complex in Africa – Cherie’s House.

The subsections below will provide more details on the single elements that compose McCullah’s long-term vision for this project.

Top Notch Care

McCullah’s vision is to create a holistic ecosystem that provides a safe and supportive environment for children in need of homes. The model promotes the idea of nurturing family units, with locally qualified couples acting as house parents to groups of 6-9 children. This approach allows each child to receive personalized love and care, which is often lacking in orphanage settings.

The couples will also work collectively to maintain the running of the complex, providing support and guidance in education, nutrition, counseling, and maintenance. All these roles are integral to creating a safe and nurturing environment for children who have lost their homes.

McCullah’s intentions are clear – to create a better world for children in need. His vision of an ecosystem that provides a holistic approach to nurturing and caring for these children has the potential to change lives and restore hope.

World-Class Education

McCullah’s vision is to create a world-class education system that combines and leverages the most effective elements from some of the most renowned educational institutions in the US. Combining their core curricula, teaching methods, technologies, and resources, he aims to empower an entire generation – giving them not just knowledge but also the tools they need to bring real change to the World.

By providing students with an inspiring and comprehensive education, McCullah hopes to equip them with the confidence to develop innovative solutions for humanity’s most pressing challenges.

Focused Character Development

Mr. McCullah emphasizes that strong character development is key to providing children with a well-rounded education and setting them up for success in the future. By instilling values such as faith, honesty, integrity, and discipline, he believes people can build strong foundations of moral character that will help guide their decisions and shape their lives.

He also advocates teaching children social responsibility, how to think critically and independently, and the importance of living a life of purpose. Through these core values, Mr. McCullah believes that young people can foster meaningful relationships with others and have a positive impact on the World.


McCullah’s model will ensure that any and all profits generated from the operations of the complex are reinvested and used to expand the project. This could include adding additional housing units, educational materials, and other infrastructure necessary for long-term sustainability.

The aim is not only to provide the initial setup for self-sufficiency but to ensure that the project is capable of providing a quality standard of living for those it services and gives a voice to those in need.

Sustainability is built into the model from the ground up, ensuring that every step taken is towards lasting change and progress. This will enable McCullah to provide an everlasting impact on each individual’s life, bringing hope and security to those in need.

How to Help and Get Involved

Finally, you are probably wondering how you can help. The best way to show your support is by spreading the word and telling others about Cherie’s House. Keep in mind that the team has a policy of no donations, and it is important to respect this.

The project is in need of prayers, so if you can remember to keep this project in your thoughts, it would be greatly appreciated.

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