March 23, 2023

LET PP NEREL – Your One-Stop Solution for House Cleaning

House Cleaning

When it comes to house cleaning, most of us behave like peculiar people. We want spotless cleanliness as this is one thing we can’t compromise. Even if someone doesn’t suffer from OCD but want a clean house that will eventually attract lesser germs and will keep the diseases and infections away!

Talking about germs and infections, how can we forget the recent pandemic which still holds our tomorrow?

There is not one soul on this planet which has not been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic which killed millions of human beings across the globe still stands as a threat to mankind after almost 2 years.

It has been known that the covid-19 virus stays in the air for days and it takes days to be completely wiped off from surfaces like kitchen tops, doorknobs, windows, etc. The only way to protect yourself and your family from the deadly virus is to keep your house clean and spotless at all times.

Deep cleaning is advised in order to get rid of this virus if you get in contact with it accidentally. When the pandemic began it was advised to stay at home – stay safe but the most important point is – to make your home safe!!!

We at LET PP NEREL have been a house cleaning providing company for a very long time but we devised special deep clearing routines of houses, offices and other places where the human touch is inevitable. People have used our services and have been completely satisfied as well as keep on coming back to get the house cleaning done again.

How important is it to keep your house clean in a pandemic?

The core agenda of our company is to compete with the harrowing shadows of the coronavirus pandemic and make everybody feel safe in their home premises.

After grave research and investigation regarding how to make our house cleaning up to the par that it is effective in sanitizing the houses from the deadly coronavirus, we came up with specially designed deep cleaning services.

We especially curate the cleaning chemicals as well as equipment to make sure that each and every minutest corner of the house is spotless and germ-free.

We train our staff according to the new protocols and make sure that they are fully aware of how to administer the new house cleaning job.

The deep house cleaning:

We divide deep house cleaning into certain sectors to assist our valuable clients better. We dissect the house into the dining area, hall room, rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms. Our designated teams are given training on how to perform their job according to the new protocols and are also provided new uniforms which were supposedly disposed of after the job is done.

The kitchen team at LET PP NEREL is aligned to perform a sanitization process in the far ends of the cabinets, under the sinks and the back of the appliances to make sure that not a single dot is missed.

The bathroom team is also trained to perform a rigorous job of cleaning and deep cleaning the bathrooms as this is one place of the house that is used consistently and various people come and go therefore this can be the space that attracts the virus germs.

The rooms are cleaned and the upholstery, beddings, and toiletries everything is washed and deep cleaned.

It’s always advised to the team to make sure the house is as good as new by the time the deep cleaning ends.

Educating our team with covid-19 rules & protocols:

We conducted awareness sessions for our team by the professionals. Our house cleaners are guided to understand the uniqueness of the task at hand and the expectations that the clients have after the cleaning session is conducted.

LET PP NEREL considers clients as a family and want to take care of them just like we take care of our family members. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for us to give the highest value to the protection and safety of our clients and their loved ones.

We make sure that our team is top-notch in the housecleaning game and is fully equipped with the latest trends and knowledge circulating in the market regarding the coronavirus pandemic and how to combat it.

Affordable Services at LET PP NEREL

We have been delivering quality services to our clients and customers that we always boast about. Our special ironing, dry cleaning, room cleaning, dusting, and deep vacuuming services are the most sought-after ones due to affordable price tags.

The on-time and on-demand house cleaning are performed keeping the importance of customer’s priorities in mind. Our services have been favorite of hundreds of customers and this was made possible by our friendly staff and proven quality service.

We provide safe and secure house cleaning service to every corner of your house, room, hotel, kitchen, bathroom, living rooms, halls, lounges, and everything that you wish to be completely dust and germ-free.

Above all, we offer discounted packages that you can opt for according to your feasibility and affordability. Whether you acquire our services for complete house cleaning or hire us for a specific service, we promise to deliver the best – both in prices and services.

What customers say about LET PP NEREL

We promise our clients that their homes will be prioritized like our own. We focus on the kitchen and bathrooms, the key areas where the germs and infest are at large. We let the fresh air circulate in the houses after sanitization so that the homes get an airy feeling.

As per one of our clients,

LET PP NEREL is my go-to company for a deep cleaning now! The work ethics, positivity and the exhilarating experience of my family after the house was deep cleaned, cannot be stated in words’.

Try us and see the difference in your house. We don’t make false promises and we guarantee once you get your home deep cleaned from us, we will be your only choice for life.

We at LET PP NEREL, are waiting for you to give us a chance to serve you and be a part of our family!

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