December 9, 2022

Keep Your Car Clean and Neat: 9 Genius Tricks You Should Try

car value in Dubai

car value in Dubai

Nothing smells like a brand new car, but this really good smell will, unfortunately, fade away after two or three weeks, if lucky enough, it will last for a month.

Keeping your car spotless, shiny, clean, and organized at all times needs dedication and commitment.

It’s not a very tiring thing to do, it only needs a little of your time every day, every couple of days, or if you are a busy person, every week, but not longer than this because the car will turn into an actual mess in no time and the dirt will build up quickly.

And because your car is like a second home for you, (The average person spends almost 4 years of their lives in the car!); It is a valid reason why you should maintain car cleanliness, not just on occasions like weddings and holidays, but also when going to the grocery, doctor, work, college.

So, are you ready for a fabulous ride? Let’s get started!


The Exterior

  1. Keep the Paint Shining

To make your car look brand new all the time, you should maintain its luster and shine; nothing makes the car look older than dull paint.

  • Keep it polished and shiny by giving it a ceramic coating every three months or so.
  • Do not park it under the sun because that would make the paint deteriorate.
  • Wax it twice a year as a minimum.
  • Apply paint protection every 6-12 months.

If your car has minor dents, scratches, or any other issues related to the exterior,  you can ask the garage to repair that for you.

For the dents, they can give the car a paintless dent repair, whilst for scratches, you can have your car painted there, or simply do a touch-up only.

  1. Wash the Car

This step is what most car owners do to keep their cars spotless and shiny. No need to use expensive products; just make sure to use an effective soap, or car shampoo and a wet rag to take all the grime and dirt off the car.

Rinse it thoroughly and dry it with a clean cloth to keep it shining.

Wash the car regularly, after rains, and before important occasions; in general, you should do that every two weeks before the junk piles up leaving you with hard stains to remove.

  1. The Glass & Windows

Car windows and glass can get dirty and foggy if not properly cleaned; they are not only unpleasant to see through, but also dirty glass is dangerous when driving because it obscures vision too.

Use a window cleaner spray to get everything as clean as crystal.

  1. Wheels

Wheels are probably the dirtiest part of the car, they can catch mud and sand really quickly. To unstuck them from all of this, flush them with a strong water pump.

  1. Use Car Cover

A car cover will save you tons of unnecessary work and cleaning, it will also maintain the car clean for a longer time, saving you time, money, and effort.

Wrap your car with some high-quality cover; make sure it is waterproof and resistant to UV light to protect your car from the sun (This also saves the interior of the car from the extreme heat and sunlight that can damage the upholstery).

The car cover will also protect your car from rain, tree leaves, dirt, dust, and other grime; it’s especially useful when you want to park the car for a long time.

The Interior

The interior takes more of your time and dedication to keep it clean and tidy all the time. It is where you spend all of your time driving, stopping for breaks, drinking coffee, and maybe eating, so it can get dirty and full of food debris very quickly.

That’s why you should stay committed to cleaning and maintaining the car’s cleanliness to prevent dirt from accumulating.

  1. Use the Vacuum

Get your car vacuumed every couple of weeks, it will keep your car clean and free from dust, food debris, and other remnants. This way is efficient, quick, and easy.

Vacuum the dashboard, seats, floor, and floor mats. Do not forget the small corners here and there, windows, doors, and even under the seats.

If you don’t own a vacuum cleaner, or cannot afford to buy one, you can take the car to the garage and they will do that for you!

  1. The Dashboard & Steering Wheel

Do this one by yourself using a rag and soapy water; take off all the stains, and spots caused by spilled coffee or other drinks. Give the steering wheel a nice wipe for it’s the most used part in the car, and can get dirty really quickly.

  1.  The Floor & Floor Mats

Take the floor mats off and start by cleaning the floor underneath using the vacuum as we mentioned earlier to remove the dust or pet hair; then, use soapy water and a brush to rub the floors from any old stains, spots, and grime.

For the floor mats, you can wash them by hand using a car cleaning brush to break all the dirt up. If you want a quick fix, just put them in the washing machine, and they will be ready to go!

  1. The Seats

After using the vacuum to remove all the particles and food debris, you can decide on the best products to use depending on your car’s upholstery material (cloth or leather); you don’t want to ruin it by using a wrong product that is not made for this specific material.

Another solution is to use seat covers to protect your car upholstery and keep it brand new for a longer time, (which will significantly maintain your car value in Dubai).

Seat covers are functional, practical, and removable, so every time they get dirted you can take them off easily and toss them in the washing machine to give them a quick and deep cleaning.

Now that you’ve covered all the major parts of your car, it’s time to take a look at the other details as you can consider cleaning your car a good time to check everything out too.

Leave your car smelling fresh and drive safe!

Author bio:

Mohamad Omary is the Managing Director of Car Wise. Sell My Car – CarWise Car Buyers – Dubai is a car buying company that has established itself as the go-to partner for those who want to quickly sell their used cars in the UAE; reaching 20,000 satisfied customers with their easy car selling process and excellent customer service. If you’re interested in finding out more about the most convenient way to sell your car in Dubai, visit CarWise.

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