February 1, 2023

Integrating WhatsApp with your sales platform? Here’s what you need to know

WhatsApp Marketing Services

WhatsApp Marketing Services

WhatsApp is now the part and parcel of our lifestyle. A few years ago, which was not the case. People nowadays like to chat on WhatsApp rather than calling somebody abruptly. Millions of people around the world have access to WhatsApp, as it is available for free across the world. The messaging is also very simple and easy. People prefer WhatsApp over any other messaging app. 

Now, not only it is used for communication but also marketing or business purposes. WhatsApp Marketing Services or WhatsApp businesses have become as popular as the WhatsApp messaging service. Some countries have their maximum percentage of the market on WhatsApp Business. Need for WhatsApp Marketing Services is a few steps down to touch a billion. Millions of retail stores around the world have been using WhatsApp Marketing Software. 

To build a deeper relationship with the customers, this process is used by many businesses, be it small or be it big businesses. 

The reason WhatsApp should be used for sales

The main reason behind using WhatsApp for business purposes is that people prefer WhatsApp and it is user friendly. By using the WhatsApp Marketing tool, a huge number of messages can be sent and received. Normally each day, thousands of messages are received and sent by people worldwide. The self-messaging system of WhatsApp Marketing Software answers the queries of customers on WhatsApp. The system uses an AI bot or a query code to answer the FAQs of customers. The instant messaging system satisfies the customers and it is easy to build relationships with them.

 For example, a customer is shopping on a grocery app. Now, he/ she has some queries regarding the delivery system or offers on various items. But to know these he/she has to reach the website on the contact page and then someone from the other side would contact him/her after a few days or more. The customer has to wait for a few days. Then he/she would have their queries answered. This kind of trouble can be avoided by WhatsApp messaging app. It is nothing but a WhatsApp Marketing solution. 

Absolutely Free Bulk WhatsApp Sender. This makes the work of both the seller and the customer easy and cheap. Customers are more likely to get an answer to their queries and doubts. Customer care services are not much in need. No hassle of a salesman or third person interruption. Only the customers and the sellers. Software is needed for bulk WhatsApp. So bulk message software is used to hold numerous messages from both sides. 

Some limitations are faced by the handlers. Limited numbers of sign-ins can be done even from WhatsApp. Managing the messages which should reach customers is a hectic task. A minimal error can make the customers annoyed with the services. Issues regarding the quality of communication transmission. This is also another way a business can get blacklisted or defamed. Spelling errors, tone of communication is to be checked before submitting them to the customers. 

The method of doing sales with WhatsApp 

It is quite clear that there are a few disadvantages while doing business with WhatsApp. But, if the advantages are considered, using WhatsApp for sales is the most lucrative process in today’s market. The business achieves popularity. WhatsApp marketing solution is new in the market and it is still evolving. New ways to prevent the shortcomings will soon be there too. 

Now coming to the procedure, any company (big or small) needs a base that is perfectly prepared and built only for marketing purposes. It includes everything to serve the same purpose. Be it listing customers’ or handling their messages, everything can be handled from a single platform easily. Whatso can help to achieve these goals. It is nothing but a Bulk WhatsApp sender. It enables sending a huge number of messages. It works as a marketing software which is specially designed for small businesses. 

The mechanism of WhatsApp on sales 

Managing WhatsApp messages is a tough task. But the problem can be solved by Whatso. It helps in managing numerous messages from a single platform and handles them in an organized manner. Team members of the business can also operate and access. It can send bulk WhatsApp messages without adding contact and also it allows the user to send bulk WhatsApp messages from PC.  


Though WhatsApp is famous worldwide still WhatsApp marketing is quite unknown to many people. WhatsApp marketing has provided so many features that can change the whole marketing procedure of the present. Some of those features are yet to be divulged. The present features that WhatsApp marketing holds are way more advantageous than the other marketing methods. Customers and sellers can communicate deeply by this. Customers experience special care by this system. The business also gets branding and a reputation in the market. Now, all these processes are supported by Whatso. 

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