December 10, 2022

How to Stay Safe as a Construction Worker

How to Stay Safe as a Construction Worker

If you have just gotten a job at a construction site, then you should know everything about safety. Being safe on the construction site is all about paying attention to what you are doing. Meanwhile, looking out for others shows how you can all get home in one piece without contacting a work site accident attorney.

It doesn’t matter which company you work for; you need to be following the same safety rules. So, let us look at the basic safety rules you need to follow while you are working for construction.

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Dress Code

When it comes to the dress code, you will have to be properly dressed at the worksite. When it comes to the essentials, the dress code includes:

  • A hard hat.
  • Heavy-duty work boots.
  • Long pants.
  • A full-sleeved shirt.
  • A safety vest.
  • Eye protection.

More importantly, make sure to check your hard hat and see whether it is in good condition or not. Suppose there are tears in the suspension or holes; you will need to have it changed immediately.

Eye Protection

During a normal work day at the construction site, you might be exposed to different types of eye hazards, including sparks, flying particles, and chemical splashes, which is why you must wear eye protection times.

That said, you will need safety glasses or goggles. But, depending on the nature of your work, you might as well be required to wear a full-face shield or a combination of glasses and the face shield.

Also, if you are cutting or welding, you will be required to wear special eye protection.

Ear Protection

Another protective wear that is closely related to your eyes is hearing protection. Hearing protection is essential to protect you from noise – as you know that construction sites can be a bit noisy.

As a thumb rule, if it is hard for you to hear a person who is three feet away without them yelling at you – you need hearing protection. Typically, there are two types of hearing protection available – earplugs and earmuffs.

In some cases, you might need to wear both. The thing about hearing is that you never get used to noise pollution, and if you don’t care about your ears, it can cause permanent damage to your hearing ability which you can prevent by wearing earmuffs.

Hand & Skin Protection

You also require the right kind of work gloves, preferably heavy-duty gloves that will protect your hands against rough or sharp edges. The gloves will also protect against abrasive surfaces and splinters. Many newbie construction site workers don’t realize that wet concrete can hurt their skin – it can cause serious burns and skin irritations.

That said, you will need to wear rubber gloves while working with concrete. Besides, make sure that you have rubber boots on. If your hands or any part of your skin comes into contact with wet concrete, you must wash the area immediately to avoid potential injury or complications.

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