March 23, 2023

Digital preservation for kid’s artwork


Kids remain kids and the most amazing thing about childhood is practicing a creative imagination. In the time we all are continuously in the amazement of the amazing creation of our kid, the painting, sketches tend to compile at a fast pace and sculptures. Read About Pokemon Unite.

Instead of renting out a storage area to kick off a latest searched house with room with an amazing art gallery, we prescribed some smart digital preservation for the kid’s art work. Managing gigabytes is extremely easy than calculating square footage. Here we are highlighting some features of best digital preserving for kid’s art.

  •         Keepy:

Keepy is the latest digital preservation for kid’s artwork app with a plethora of latest features to expand the storage space. It permits the user to take pictures of the creation of your kid, modify the colors and lighting, and manage the artist, date and location. You can check moviesflix pro for amazing movies.

If users have to manage a class of numerous kids, they can easily arrange profiles of everyone individually. Keepy has more than 65 customizable features available added coasters, t-shirts, bags, key chains, lunch boxes and etc. it charge for $1.20 for postcards to $226.00 for a message bags This digital preservation for kid’s artwork app authorized the child to record the notes of their video creation and share them with their fans which are specifically siblings, parents and most importantly grandparents.

  •         Canvsly:

Canvas allows like keepy to upload and manage the creation of youngsters. If you already have pictures of your art collection in your smartphone, you can import all of those pictures easily into canvasly along with creating a timeline for the master work of your kid.Flutter App Development Company is an open-source technology and available for developers and designers free of charge.

Canvasly authorized the user by default to manage the audience you share with. It has a smart account share option that assembles it for different parents to maintain the collection without overlap.

  •         Artkive:

This digital preservation for kid’s artwork offers a directly forward, user friendly approach to archiving the art collection of your kid. Artkive is a free app and one of the best for parents whose basic concern is just to manage and store the creation. It also allows the user to turn their drawing and painting into books. Flutter web development company helps to deliver the same source of information on your smart phones.

All price rates are depending on the size of book and number of pages but range start from $25 to $102.50.but if user wants a service where they can digitize the artwork of their kid then Artkive send you a printed book and charges starts from $149.00. Visit moviesflix for amazing movies.


  •         Art My Kid Made:

This app is designed specifically for the parents who are more interested in presenting the masterpiece of their kid through social media as compared to storing them simply. Art My Kid Made is an ideal choice because additional features make it more convenient to share pictures through facebook and twitter.

This digital preservation for kid’s artwork app has a personal network so that parents can share the art of their kids proudly on their virtual “stove” (even can imagine and choose the color scheme of appliances). Your kids even can edit artwork digitally by adding stickers, special effects and much more.

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