December 10, 2022

Digital Marketing: Game of Google Reviews


Google has a niche market for itself and most individuals dwell on the fact that research is often incomplete without Google inputs. The dominance of internet has prevailed in all aspects of our lifestyle and thus Google has gained immense reputation as a pivotal search engine. Google Reviews are important to a business digital marketing strategy. These reviews may positively impact your ORM (Online Reputation Management) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) . There are a few reasons to explain the significance of Google reviews on a digital marketing strategy. 

The primary goal of building upon Google reviews is to build a credible image of the brand. Google reviews are popular; people like to read them before making purchase decisions. Herein are a few stats to consider 

  • Over 90% of buyers read reviews online 
  • Over 80% of people trust those reviews
  • More than 70% of survey respondents said that positive reviews increased their trust in brand. 

These numbers are clear representation of the impact that Google reviews can have on your brand. Now the next crucial factor is the science that lies behind is that customers prefer goods with rating and reviews over those without rating. In an understanding of the impact of content on your business, any content which is created by seller would be biased towards improved sales. However the content related by customers in the form of feedback is considered true and unbiased picture of product quality. In addition to the previous point, there is creation of feedback loop wherein sellers can respond to the questions correctly. 

As there is a customer feedback which ensured positive interaction there is a scope for conversion of visitors into loyal customers. Besides customers there is a huge advantage in terms of SEO ranking for the firms. It is apparent that reviews are a clear way to showcase the impact that a brand has and boosts its ranking as well. Thus it has been estimated that 10% of a company’s search engine ranking and Google considers the quantity and quality of reviews when providing these rankings. Therefore, it makes much sense to get high quality reviews. 

Any Google review platform is used an example to bring in more positive feedbacks on the product. A platform like Google is easy to leave a review and any such review gets more interaction and eventually an improvement in feedbacks. Along with a feedback there is an ease of lead generation where firms get access to easy details about the customers. Lastly a fair picture of a product can be laid down using Google reviews wherein the customers give us good and bad reviews directly. Once a potential customer reads through these reviews they know exactly what to expect from the product. 

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Google reviews are a form of easy promotion and advertising used by firms to reach out to potential buyers. 

 Overall the article tried to put some light on the fact that Google analytics is big tool for effective digital marketing strategy. 

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