March 26, 2023

Coleslaw Made Using Certain Condiments Is Less Likely to Spoil

Coleslaw is surprisingly versatile. People often serve coleslaw by itself, especially when they’re interested in bringing something to an outdoor celebration or party. Coleslaw is also a very common small side dish.

Dressing Types

People often prepare coleslaw using mayonnaise of some kind. There are lots of different types of mayonnaise now, since guests might have a range of dietary requirements. If the mayonnaise has the right texture, it can certainly be used to make slaw regardless of its own ingredients.

However, some people will also make coleslaw using vinaigrette instead of mayonnaise. The dish will have a very different flavor if it’s made partly from vinaigrette, which has a very savory and partially sour flavor to it.

Some people might use the vinaigrette dressing instead of mayonnaise in their coleslaw because they’re trying to avoid some of the ingredients that are usually used in mayonnaise. However, this is a condiment that has other practical benefits as well.

Durable Food

Foods made using vinaigrette dressings will tend to last longer than similar foods made with mayonnaise instead, regardless of the type of mayonnaise that is used. Coleslaw that is held together with almost any type of vinaigrette will be pickled, at least in part.

If people are planning on serving the coleslaw outside, they might worry about it becoming too warm in the sun. While the placement of the coleslaw itself will certainly contribute to how long it lasts, coleslaw made using vinaigrette will usually be more resilient than the similar types of coleslaw made from mayonnaise instead.

When people try the coleslaw dish for themselves, it might taste comparatively fresh if it was made with most types of vinaigrette. The flavor might be a bit sharper, which some guests may also prefer.

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