March 26, 2023

Celebrities Who Wore Fedora Hats to Make a Fashion Statement


Many influencers and celebrities have been wearing fedora hats since time immemorial. However, in case you have not flaunted one such hat in a while, it pays to remember that fedora hats are incredibly gorgeous and easy to pull off. The brim of a fedora hat is not heavy at all. Today, the fedora hats are available in the market in a plethora of fabrics, colors, and designs to cater to your unique fashion needs.

According to Forbes, today, you have easy access to a broad spectrum of hats for infusing an element of high-octane to your fashion and style. It is trendy for well-dressed and well-groomed men to sport a hat. Modern men have utilized hats for adding a whole new dimension to their personality and overall look. For several years, men and women have been relying on fedora hats to make a bold fashion statement. Many celebrities have flaunted this super hit classic accessory. Several noted celebrities wore fedoras, the classic accessories, and have played a pivotal role in making fedoras immensely popular among the common people.

Famous personalities and celebrities often wore fedora hats. Some celebrities flaunting Fedora hats are Humphrey Bogart, Prince Edward, Tom Landry, Michael Jackson, Brad Pitt, and even Johnny Depp. Since 1891, the fedora hat was a staple style statement in our culture. Many stars and celebrities have embraced this iconic accessory from the time of its inception or introduction to the world of fashion.

Justin Timberlake

Voted the most stylish man in America in 2009, the NSYNC member turned pop-icon turned movie star Timberlake flaunts fedoras quite often. He names Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley as inspirations, and his timeless wardrobe is all about bringing modern cuts to classically-inspired menswear.

Humphrey Bogart

The “Casablanca” and “The Maltese Falcon” star has sported the classic combination of the fedora and trench coat on and off the movie screen. He was a suave dresser and was well ahead of the curve, adopting this look which went on to be a staple for men in the ’40s. Starring in classic adaptations like “The Big Sleep” Bogart would be synonymous with the idea of a film noir protagonist, and the fedora would endure in this dark, edgy genre of cinema for decades since then.

Tom Landry

Tom Landry was an icon of American football, coaching the Dallas Cowboys through 29 seasons of the game. A fashion-forward man, Landry always dressed sharply and was quite commonly seen sporting a smart fedora with a dark suit. This look became so intertwined with his personality that the Cowboys kept a patch shaped like a fedora on their uniforms throughout the 2000 season to honor the then-recently passed legend of the game.

Walt Disney

Media mogul Walt Disney took Hollywood by storm soon after his arrival in the early 1920s. He was a jovial man who often dressed more casual, wearing German-made felt fedoras to complete his look. Even today, a more casual fedora can be used as a funky accessory to dress down a more uptight suit and tie.

Prince Edward (Prince of Wales)

In 1924, the fedoras became a trend thanks to Prince Edward. He was a fashion-forward person, and people drew fashion inspiration from the Prince of Wales. The fedora hats are known for their classy and sleek design. They became popular also because they were great for safeguarding the wearer from unpredictable weather conditions.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has often flaunted a stunning fedora hat both on-screen and off-screen. Johnny Depp is a highly acclaimed and accomplished Hollywood actor. He knew that it is essential to create and maintain a magnetic personality, and positive image. His vintage, rustic style with a contemporary twist won millions of hearts. The highlight of his fashion was his fedoras.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is a contemporary Hollywood star who loves to include a fedora into his formal and casual attire. Pitt has made films like ‘Allied’, highlighting the gangster culture. In the film, Brad Pitt has been seen wearing a gorgeous light grey fedora that stole the show.

Michael Jackson

The black fedora hat has always been an integral part of MJ’s iconic style and fashion sense since the beginning of his musical journey. Michael Jackson was passionate about his hats. He used stunning fedora wool hats as props for his concerts and performances. Moreover, he loved to flaunt gorgeous fedora hats in his personal or everyday life. He loved his prized possessions and was reluctant to give them away. However, his fans were an exception.

He threw several hats into the delirious audience after ending his concerts and performing the last line of his famous song ‘Billie Jean’. Michael Jackson’s white fedora hat fetched over 10,000 Euros. The famous white fedora hat he had flaunted in the video clip of ‘Smooth Criminal’ was designed and manufactured by the Golden Gate Hat Company.


The fedora hats are widely acclaimed and accepted as a stunning fashion accessory for men and women. People wearing this hat style seem to have a strong presence and personality. We know that the timelessness of a Fedora hat is best for exuding chic sophistication and enhancing your outfit.

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