March 26, 2023

A Guide to Using Laminate Sheets for Interior Design


Although everyone does not become a designer or a painter, there’s an artist inside everyone who expresses itself in the beautiful details of home décor. One of the major advantages of decorating your home is it opens the scope to maximise the possibilities of blank space. Moreover, we cannot deny that aesthetics and efficiency are linked to another that creates a superior level of a relaxed atmosphere in a home. Besides there are laminate sheets that contribute largely towards creating a visually appealing and functional living space that you could be proud of.

That being the case, decorating a home requires the right planning, effort, and the best laminates to enhance the aesthetics of a home. In this post, you will come to know some of the best laminates that can transform your living room with the perfect décor.

The Best Ways to Use Laminates In Your Living Room

Convert the walls to reflect elegance

Decorating your home may require lots of effort, but it is an exciting process. So you must consider laminates for once instead of paint to decorate the walls in your living space. Home décor is a transcending process where you can convert the blank walls into an elegant palette with decorative laminates that present you with endless creative possibilities. The laminates of Royale Touche are available in a wide range of colours and textures that offer a plethora of choices for homeowners to recreate their vision in reality. 

Make your pillars distinct 

Having a pillar or column in a living space is a great advantage when it comes to designing a home. One can utilise living room laminates of unique textures and colours to make layouts in a horizontal or vertical orientation as well as make complex patterns to create an astonishing effect. It is advisable to mix and match various textures and solid colours to achieve an elegant outcome that will complement the rest of the design. 

Add new life to that mundane furniture

If your living space décor is getting tampered with the dull furniture, you should do something about it. Well, you could save your money and enjoy the same appeal of new furniture by resurfacing the furniture with designer laminate. It will not only add to the beauty of your living space, but if you choose to keep the same colours or textures of the surrounding areas, it is going to create a stunning statement of home décor. 

Best laminate surface finish for your kitchen space

Glossy finish

If you desire to redesign your kitchen space into a glossy finish, consider using a high gloss laminate. A great advantage of using this laminate is its polished surface that is almost similar to a mirror. Moreover, using a lighter colour laminate will only make the light bounce around, thereby spreading more light into every corner of the kitchen. 

Add depth to your kitchen decor

With matt-finished laminate you can add a personality to your kitchen design, making it more sophisticated and elegant. These laminates are medium reflective compared to the high-gloss laminates that are almost similar to a mirror. Besides, matt-finished laminates are easy to maintain as they are durable, functional, and do not get scratches easily. 

Bring nature to your kitchen

Textured laminate designs for kitchen areas are quite popular these days because most people spend maximum time at home and want the touch of nature in their dwelling spaces. If you are thinking the same, you must check out the wooden laminates that almost make you believe that your kitchen design has been finished with original wood. At the same time, there are textures in stones that you can apply in areas where it will augment the overall kitchen décor. In addition, there is leather, dotted, ribbed, and many other textures to choose from the Royale Touché laminate catalogue that you will be spoilt for choice. 

Transform your kitchen into a colour palette 

We all know that the kitchen is referred to as the heart of the home because it is the hub of activity, a place where all the stories are born, and the place where the nourishments to ensure your family’s well being are made. In that case, choosing solid colour laminates are the ideal way to make your kitchen appear as vibrant as it is in reality. When choosing this theme, it would be wise to select colours that complement each other. It could be the perfect colour palette with the right shades to make it visually striking and suit your personality. 

Finally, one should know that mixing and matching different surface finishes is also a great way to design a living space or the kitchen. The successful application of laminates, to some extent, depends on the plan of the décor. Overall, laminates offer endless scopes to give your interior space an astonishing makeover. So, choose your laminates wisely to experience the greatest joy of living. 

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