February 1, 2023

A beginner’s guide to purchasing a sit-stand desk


Long lengths of time spent sitting can be bad for your health. Fortunately, a movable sit-stand desk can lessen these adverse consequences and support you in leading an active, healthy life. But not every standing desk is made equally.

Finding the ideal standing desk for your needs can be challenging because there are so many various types of standing desks that can be utilized to satisfy a wide range of requirements.

For this reason, we are providing you with the most comprehensive buying advice for standing desks. It will assist you in making the greatest choice and purchasing the best standing desks.

Continue reading to discover how to locate the ideal sit-stand desk for your requirements.

Step 1: Select the proper sit-stand desks

The sit-stand desk’s ability to alter the desk’s height is one of the first things you should take into account. According to the type of lift mechanism, these are some popular sit-stand desk models.

Adjustable manually sit-stand workstations

For many people, it can be annoying to have to manually alter the height of their desk, which is frequently done with a crank.

Even if it doesn’t seem like much time to move your workstation, if you do it several times an hour, going from sitting to standing and back again, it adds up.

As a result, after a while, many people start to reduce the quantity of standing work and return to their previous sedentary work habits.

As sit-stand desks gain popularity, their cost is going down and they are becoming more widely available. Using an electric motor or a hydraulic system won’t significantly increase the cost.

Electric-powered sit-stand workstations

The most popular kind of sit-stand workstations are electric standing desks. They enable the work surface to be raised and lowered under controlled motorized assistance to accommodate various heights.

An electric adjustable desk can be a smart option if you need to raise computers and accessories that weigh more than 200 pounds and have a place to plug it in.

But if your office is already quiet, you’ll need to choose a workstation that’s even quieter than the others. When measured in decibels, the decibel range typically falls between 40 and 70.

It is recommended to use dual-motor sit-stand desks, such as the advanced sit-stand desks, when it comes to the speed at which the desk changes position.

Hydraulically driven sit-stand desks

If you need a desk that adjusts silently, this is an excellent option. These desks are surprisingly inexpensively priced and may be adjusted without the need of any physical muscle.

Hydraulic standing desks employ a fluid to produce mechanical energy. A hydraulic sit-stand desk can raise some of the heaviest weights and has a large load capacity, however it typically needs energy and can leak oil.

Step 2: Examine the hardware on the site-stand desk

The sit-stand desk’s overall longevity, aesthetic appeal, and environmental impact can be affected by the materials used in its construction.

Here are some factors to think about when selecting a sit-stand desk for your home or office.

Durability and attractiveness

The sit-stand desk’s construction materials have a big impact on whether it will last less than a year or endure everyday use for decades. Legs for standing workstations can be made of steel, wood, or polymer plastic.

Work surfaces come in a range of materials, such as laminate substrates, solid hardwoods like walnut, and softwoods like bamboo.

For fabrication shops or for a more industrial appearance, some manufacturers provide standing desks made of stainless steel.

Stainless steel is typically only used for desk legs because of its strength. Desk legs can be powder coated to produce a range of colors and textures.

Durability aspect

Be sure to focus on the durability aspect in addition to the beauty and durability of the materials. It is best to purchase from companies that priorities the environment and provide eco-friendly standing desks.

Did you know that one of the world’s quickest-growing and most environmentally friendly plants is bamboo?

Bamboo can reach complete growth in about three to four months, as opposed to other species of wood, which might take decades to reach adult size.

Another benefit of harvesting bamboo is that no pesticides or herbicides are needed, which is another benefit.

There is no environmental harm caused by the cultivation because it is entirely natural.

Bamboo is a green powerhouse since it also produces 5% more oxygen than other plants and absorbs more than 12 tons of CO2/hm annually. A bamboo desk is a great choice!

Step 3: Consider weight capacity

Standing desks are a nice departure from many of its conventional counterparts because to their lighter, more modern appearance.

However, this makes many individuals ponder if standing desks will last in typical working environments.

Before making a purchase, pay particular attention to the desk’s weight limit. Every sit-stand desk type should have a recommended weight capacity.

Choose sturdy standing desks that have passed the most recent industry tests. Also keep in mind that there are significant variations among standing desk kinds and among manufacturers.

For ordinary office tasks, the weight of a few books and sheets of paper, a laptop, a monitor, and a few additional ergonomic office chair and supplies totals less than 6 pounds.

Therefore, a well-constructed sit-stand desk of any kind, like the Advanced series sit-stand desk, should be adequate for the vast majority of people. It can support loads of up to 124 pounds.

Make an educated guess as to how much weight your sit-stand desk will need to support in order to function correctly, taking into account the objects you plan to place on it.

If you intend to construct a large workstation with numerous monitors or other devices, this is very crucial.

Step 4: Determine the desk’s minimum and maximum height

Your sit-stand desk must be positioned at a comfortable working height. Even a slight height discrepancy over time might cause slouching, neck pain, and wrist pain.

Therefore, be sure to verify the sit-stand desk’s minimum and maximum heights to make sure they suit your demands, especially if you are taller or shorter.

When you stand straight, with your chest up and your shoulders back, your forearms should rest flat on the surface of the table.

In contrast, your legs, elbows, and torso make a 90-degree angle while you are seated. Flat feet on the ground are a must.

Step 5: Evaluate budget and cost.

Many factors might have a significant impact on the cost of your workplace. Larger areas may necessitate additional motors with electric standing workstations, which would increase the cost over manual desks.

Likewise, contrast various brands. There are instances in which the cost is justified and those in which it is not.

Additionally, some businesses demand extra fees for shipment, installation, and product customization.

Therefore, it’s crucial to conduct market research and choose a company that provides highly functional sit stand desk in a range of prices.

FlexiSpot, for instance, provides the Eco and Advanced series to accommodate various budgets without sacrificing quality, appearance, or performance.

Other Things to Think About When Purchasing a Sit-Stand Desk


This is definitely a crucial factor to take into account when using a treadmill workstation or typing on a keyboard.

A wide or roomy desk does not, however, have to be stable. The design and motor of a standing desk are more important to its stability than its size or weight.

Ease of use

Compared to manual desks, electric workstations are more user-friendly and more likely to support heavier loads. They can also be programmed, which would make things even simpler.

A manual desk, on the other hand, has no motor to worry about, whereas electric sit-stand desks feature silent motors, which also means there is no need to worry about an electronic failure.

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