December 10, 2022

7 flowers to spread the essence of unconditional love this Raksha Bandhan

Have you ever come across a person who doesn’t like receiving flowers? No? Because there are hardly any. Flowers have the potential to lift your spirits with their sweet, irresistible aroma and vibrant color. When words fail, flowers come to our rescue. From Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day, birthdays to anniversaries – flowers do not fail to liven up the mood of our loved ones. Raksha Bandhan is no exception. But from the point of view of someone who’s living miles away from their siblings, it might appear next-to-impossible, isn’t it? At times like this, one is bound to resort to online flower delivery in mumbai services. Multiple e-commerce websites offer to provide flowers bouquet online and ensure a hassle-free experience. Listed below are a few flowers that’d go well with certain types of Rakhi.

Read on to know more about the various flowers bouquet online.

Carnations and personalized Rakhi:

Carnations signify love, to say the least. Be it the love of your special someone, familial love, or simply the love of a close friend, carnations are a good gift for virtually any occasion. They come in various colors and each color has a distinctive meaning, expressing unconditional love. Go for red carnations (a symbol of love and affection), pair it with a personalized Rakhi and you’re good to go.

Mixed flowers bouquet and bracelet:

Unaware or not-so-certain about their favorite flower? Mixed flowers are your go-to option. The magic of two or more floral shades cannot be described in words. They emit enthusiasm. What’s more? Each flower has a different color, signifying different meanings. For your fashion-conscious brother, bracelets will go really with a bouquet of mixed flowers.

Red roses with pearl sleek rakhi:

Rose, often and better known as the flower of love is, by all means, has been a token of sincere love, beauty, and yearning for as long as history. All thanks to the poets and writers. Nothing compares to a rose. When paired with a pearl sleek rakhi, this combination is an excellent option for brothers who have their nose in novels, love to dream, and would leave no stone unturned to protect their sister.

Gerberas with blue evil eye rakhi:

Gerberas radiates joy and happiness. Let the gerberas be the messenger of your love. Rejoice in your bond with some yellow gerberas (indicative of friendship) or white ones (suggestive of bliss and innocence) and protect your happy-go-lucky sibling from negative energy or anyone casting their evil eye with a blue evil eye bracelet.

Orchids and Kundan Rakhi:

This combination speaks for itself and is simply a feast for the eyes Orchids, better known as a symbol of love and refinement, are wild, exotic, and untamed and are a perfect gift for your sibling who is fun and fearless. Enhance the charm of your brother’s wrist with a Kundan rakhi and rekindle your bond with some yellow orchids (symbol of friendship and new beginnings).

Lilies and agate stone rakhi: Lilies symbolize purity and devotion and are breathtakingly beautiful. Needless to say, lilies are associated with love. On the other hand, agate stone rakhi is known for its mystical properties (soothing and healing properties to name a few). Together, the eye-pleasing bouquet of Lilies and an agate stone rakhi are an awe-worthy combination for that sibling with a heart of gold.


Tulips with silver rakhi:

Did you know that tulips are one of the very first flowers to be blooming in the spring which is also they are seen as a symbol of rebirth? An exquisite bouquet of tulips with an elegant silver rakhi is bound to bring a wide crescent on their face.

This Raksha Bandhan, opt for online rakhi delivery with flowers and let the flowers convey what you’ve been trying to expre

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