March 23, 2023

6 Apps College Students Should Start Using!

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A smartphone is no less than a virtual study planner for college students. It contains everything from important deadlines to assignments and projects. However, unlike traditional planners, this virtual study planner also has something else unlike traditional planners —– apps. College students of this era are lucky to have useful and helpful tools at their disposal to simplify the agony of being a college student. There’s no doubt, that being a college student is tough, but now that there’s an app for everything, the options are endless. 

There are different apps designed to solve particular problems that every college student faces. Educational technology has come a long way, and educational apps help significantly with homework, assignments, time management, collaboration, organizational skills, and much more. 

Listed below are a few apps that most students and educational technology experts recommend! Check them out:

  • AnkiMobile Flashcards

This multi-platform, open-source, and free app is an intelligent flashcard program that has redefined flashcard learning. The app allows you to learn and memorize your material by letting you create your flashcards with images, text, and sound. It uses a unique algorithm to sync all your flashcards across all your devices so you’re never without them! After every 1 minute session where you test your knowledge, you can also view your progress and see where you need to focus more! The app is available worldwide on Android and iOS devices in different languages, including Chinese, German and French. 

  • Blackboard App

Blackboard is a famous learning management platform that most colleges use in the U.S for various purposes. The app allows students to access their assignments, projects, and coursework with virtual components for their classes. Plus, it also as well as lets them complete and submit their quizzes, tests &, and assignments,  submit them, rread discussions and respond to them, view their grades, and access important content whenever and wherever they want for in-person or online classes. 

  • Canvas Student

This app is shared quite a lot of similar features with Blackboard. It allows college students to access important study material and coursework, view announcements and submit assignments, view check grades and instructors’ feedback, and keep up to date with classwork on the go. Many colleges also use Canvas Student to help their students.

  • Duolingo

College students are required to take a few language courses to complete their degree in most cases. Apart from learning the language in classes, many students download language-learning apps, and Duolingo is surely one of them. It’s the best language-learning tool there is. It offers 35+ language courses to help college students read, write, speak and listen. It also offers the students to improve their vocabulary and grammar in their selected language. The app comes in 2 versions – free and paid. The paid version offers more features to improve language learning, including offline access to language classes and zero ad experience. 

  • Evernote

If there’s anything a college student fears, it’s losing important notes. Making notes and filling up stacks of notebooks makes task management difficult, and super easyit becomes easy to lose them. Evernote is a brilliant note-taking system that lets you take notes and sync them across all your devices, so you’re never without them or lose them. You can create to-do lists, digitize documents using your phone camera, save webpages, and more with Evernote. Organize your notes with this powerful note-taking tool and use it as a digital file cabinet with all your important documents and files for class!

  • Mendeley

College students work with all sorts of documents and files, and managing and reading them, creating references, and syncing edits across devices can be time-consuming and full of hassle. This is why every college student needs to download Mendeley on their phone. It’s the perfect tool that students use to read PDFs, highlight and annotate important info, generate citations and references, and sync edits across multiple devices. Moreover, it also allows students to research from its enormous online library. It’s a sophisticated tool and not the easiest to use, but it’s surely worth it once you’ve got the hang of it!

To Wrap It Up

Being a student in today’s time means being hands-on with everything and acing time management, task management, and organizational skills. But it’s not always that easy. This is why you need these 6 tools to help you out! Download them with a strong cable or fiber internet connection from AT&T internet and simplify your student life!

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